Teacher Feature: Hayley Ebersole - Yoga

Hayley Ebersole has partnered with Culture Vulture for all of our 2018 events for The Waking Hour Experience at All Day I Dream. One of the newest yoga teachers at Namaste Yoga in Oakland, Hayley’s classes blend spiritual teachings, modern day reflections with deep yogic practices.

Hayley offers a path to strength, self-confidence, and awe for the miraculous mechanics of the human body by creating an empowering environment to explore your body-mind from the inside out. Her juicy alignment-based flow class is permeated with her devotion to intelligent movement, radical self-care and the cycles of the natural world, inviting you into intimacy with all parts of yourself through the sweet simplicity of the breath.

With an attitude of compassion, curiosity, and playfulness, she has an uncanny ability to invite students into the realm of the somanauts, those who are curious about and explore their inner space both on and off the mat. This curiosity becomes intimacy with our inner body, which translates as greater peace, more easeful relationships and fluidity, joy, and intelligence of movement in class, at work and at play.

You can check out Hayley’s classes at Namaste Rockridge in Oakland on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 8:30-8:45AM.

More information at https://ilovenamaste.com/rockridge/

Jennifer Solis