Creating Sacred Space

The First ever waking hour event was held in Golden Gate Park in the summer of 2016 in association with All Day I Dream. The ADID team consulted with Culture Vulture to assist them with creating an event experience that required no amplified sound, due to limiting park restrictions. This is when the concept of The Waking Hour was born. Opening a festival with no music seemed counter-intuitive, but we were up to the task of facilitating an inviting experience for guests upon arrival. With the lushness of Golden Gate Park, the beauty of the natural surroundings, yoga was an immediate choice. Without the ability to play music over speakers, ambient or otherwise, we opted to bring in a sound healer with crystal bowls, gongs, and the like. But how could we bridge the extroverted dance event with this more intuitive and contemplative environment? Create sacred space.

How does one go about creating sacred space? For us, we consulted with Erin Fisher, a local gypsy-like artist who has an in-depth knowledge of crystals. Erin offered to create an elaborate alter near the entrance of the gates, that was situated next to the wellness tent we created for healing practitioners who would be providing massage and other forms of intuitive healing. Erin did not disappoint. She arrived at 6AM with freshly cut flowers, beautiful crystals, various statues and spiritual talisman and the main point of attraction, a giant golden Buddha.

The creation of the alter ended up being a focal point of the event, naturally drawing people from the yoga to the wellness center and provided some ample beauty to the already gorgeous setting of Golden Gate Park.

If you are interested in creating sacred space in your own home or office, here are some recommendations:

Visit your local health food store or metaphysical/ crystal shop, and purchase the following:

White Sage (preferably with a large shell to place it when smoking)

Crystals like amethyst, rose quartz, crystal quartz and/or black tourmaline.

Incense and holder

A candle

Now gather things around your house that have deep meaning to you. This may be the photo of a loved one, souvenirs from a memorable trip, tokens of love, copies of favorite book passages or quotes, freshly picked flowers from your yard, and family treasures. Find a place in your space that feels protected and uncluttered. Light your candle and place it in the middle of the table or shelf (making sure that it will not catch anything on fire. Do not place it where something is above the flame.) Put on some soft, inspirational music. Arrange your selected items around it in a way that feels pleasing to you. Once completed light your sage and let the smoke float over the alter and around your body.

Say some intentions out loud that feel authentic to you. Some examples are:

I am present in everything I do.

I am complete as I am.

I am finding joy and gratitude in every moment.

I am on my hero’s journey, embarking on an exciting path starting now.

My life is overflowing with positivity.

Try to visit your alter every day. Light your candle or sit and meditate near this space, even if just for 5-10 minutes. Journal how you feel. Remember: your alter is all yours, as is your experience of creating sacred space, so follow your own intuition and see what kind of magic you can create!

Jennifer Solis